i had a grand time in bohol. for 6 and a half nights, we would sleep in our cozy sleeping bags under the stars. in the morning we’d wake up drenched in the morning dew and being trampled on my early students wanting to raise h*** before the vcs actually started. just kidding, im exaggerating.

i was sick today, probably because i overworked my systems for 4 long months. i was a never-ending working machine, incapable of neither real rest nor emotions. i was haley joel osment! joke. i havent recovered yet from all the work i did during the sem up to the time we put in when i went to bohol. then again, every time i come home here in cagayan i almost always get sick. when i got here in cagayan, trabaho na pud. i helped my mom in the small eatery we have and i am presently the counter-person. it doesnt require much from me but my math skills were kinda necessary as i had to deal with money numbers. thank God my grade school arithmetic didnt failed me. tomorrow i might declare a day-off to fully recover from whatever im having right now.


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