batangas trip

i wasnt able to share that during this year’s holy week i went to batangas. true im kinda guilty for not staying at home and going to the week’s services but, well, i cant justify that. anyhow i enjoyed the short vacation in batangas. i was with ronnie, gemini, macb, jeh, viejay and we all stayed with ken and his sister may at their batangas hideaway. may’s friends were also with us. while they had fun playing volleyball i had fun swimming. it was then that i realized i loved the ocean. i would snorkel and skin dive and from the depths id look up and see the surface all blue and bright. it’s a really spectacular view from way down there and it enriched the whole experience for me and i couldnt thank God enough. we’d all swim way up to moonrise and we’d have this really fantastic view of the moon, full and bright, above the silhouetted tree line and its light, brightly reflected on the waters. on the other side of the scene is the sky still washed with the sun setting and our shadowed forms would be framed with orange and purple and red. it was a great so-called kodak moment but i was more thrilled to be involved in the whole production of God’s greatness than be detached from it and play the photographer’s role. and somehow, it really didnt matter to me that i just missed one great photo opportunity because the image captured in my memory and the experience at hand is far better than on printed 4Rs.

last note on the batangas trip, it was one of those missed photo opportunities. macb and i were swimming early that black saturday morning and all the fish were out to feed on planktons. it was very exciting to be there, the sea was so alive and so real and to realize that we were practically living out a page of national geographic magazine! anyhow the medium suddenly changed to television and i was on discovery’s shark week for indeed, that very morning i saw my first shark up close and personal! it wasnt that big, about 2 or 3 feet long but it was a shark and it was real. i was really thrilled by that, i knew it wouldnt hurt me because sharks are territorial animals but their first instinct was to stay out of trouble. anyway, it was about 2 or 3 meters away from me before i lost sight of it. later on it was about 10 meters far from me. when i saw it the first we were still in waist deep waters. imagine that! i named him ramon (spanish exaggerated, you have to roll the Rs amd close on the n, like Rrrrrrramonne, kinda like in romy and michelle’s high school reunion). 🙂


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