im home (obviously) and for lack of something productive to do i start defrosting our freezer while heating up leftovers for dinner. the ice in our vintage hotpoint ref has amassed all over and the freezer door wouldnt close for weeks now. weve seen worse when ever the chiller drawer beneath it couldnt be pulled out. it’s just that we havent really found time to do it and the rain has caused me to be very, very lazy (yeah, blame it on the weather). today’s my cooking day so i decided to do it while preparing dinner. on the menu today are about 5 pieces of thinly sliced pork cooked a la adobo a few evenings back, 3 slivers of pork tocino marinated in msg and pepper and cooked in a soy sauce-sauce by toots yesterday, 10 pieces of maling (not spam, not pure foods, MALING!) fried last sunday, and a saucer heapful of danggit that has aged months now in the vegetable crisper. add to that newly cooked steamed rice and a bowl of your favorite sawsawan, a real peasant’s feast! yum yum. it’s 8.31pm now, toots and ta tems have yet to check in our humble abode, there’s little ice left in the freezer now, and the tracks to “once on this island” and “youre a good man, charlie brown” has played its 2nd run on the winamp program now. i can hear chunks of ice falling off from the kitchen and that’s good news. i do speed up the process by knifing out whole chunks than just wait for it to melt. the electric fan positioned in front of the ref also helps. =) any time now the ref will run and freeze like new again.


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