hi everyall, medyo hello ako ngayon. ive been extremely busy doing nothing to actually do anything. my sleep cycle has been really bad, im freaking out. im sleepy in the morning and i cant sleep in the afternoon because that will really put off a lot of sleep time in the evening. then i want to do some computer work in the evening but then i have to sleep. it’s 2.29am and im supposed to be sleeping or if not, doing my school work. ok ok ill go right to it now… bye!

hello ketket, thanks for dropping by! hi also to ace, my cuz from cagayan who recently dropped by to see what i was up to. anyhu, i suppose the picture at the side is too obvious to not be noticed. it’s audrey tattou from amelie, a quaint, little giant film from france that has caught the world on fire. she’s said to be able to change your life. and in a way she has. the film’s really interesting, i hope my people in mindanao will get a chance to see it. actually i bought a pirated copy of the vcd in cagayan in the summer so i dont see why you cant get to see it.

i know i know, piracy is bad but we’re in a third world country. you cant help but buy (on occasion) those items! at least, i cant help it especially since i cant afford the original. it’s funny, now it’s a crime to buy pirated cds (video, audio, software or otherwise) but i bet your pwet computers in the government still use software installed from pirated cds. bill gates was shocked when he got here, that’s why he just donated a bunch of original Windows software for the government to use! really now, how can you really afford to buy say, an original adobe photoshop program at PhP20,000?!!! do the math, nobody can afford it! mabuhay ang piracy (or not)!


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