ok now let’s take a look at the world news. seventy-nine people drowned and two-hundred others were injured when a place crashed just off the coast of rescuers could only hear the desperate screams of the victims as the plane burst into flames… that’s from truth about cats and dogs with dr. abby.

now here’s steve kmetko for news at the local front. it has been confirmed that jacklyn jose will not be appearing in benjamin padero’s film. sources have said she found it too violent and that she doesnt see herself in the role. however, she has recommended another colleague of hers, who in turn is right for the role. susan , the actress who plays the poor mother of mara in the former hit soap opera, mara clara, has agreed to play the role of mother to anton, SALAMIN’s quasi-protagonist. although she has expressed interest, the filmmaker however will only meet her on the actual shooting date.

in other news, benjamin padero has also issued a statement that his webpage is now featuring new photographs of his nephew, lucas maximus, born to his sister tina and her husband clapton. lucas maximus was born july 13 and will be turning 3 months in two weeks time. you may check out his pictures at our website, and click on mi familia.

now, we take a look at the weather. today, the sun is brightly shining, moving around it are the planets. it is a medium-sized star and presently, because of the sun, the day is very hot. good time to do your month-long overdue laundry. thus, some people out there, of which i have confirmed with, are in fact doing just that. professional student and wannabe film maker benjamin diaz padero is currently rinsing his whites and blacks afterwhich he’ll do his denims and khakis, then his underwear. he confessed he had no choice but to do his laundry today on the account that despite his numerous pairs of underwear he is actually running out of clean ones. he says that he might have to do his browns, blues, reds and greens in another session since it might not be possible to finish everything today, he’s got a party to go to later, he says. for the record, benjamin uses pride laundry soap, which will keep his clothes smelling fresh even in rainy conditions. currently the sky has darkened and the prevailing clouds spell another storm coming. it is too early to tell and our lines with the pag-asa has just been cut off. we are now relying on lick-finger-stick-up-to-the-air method of checking wind traffic and speed. an ocular inspection of the stratosphere coincide with the wind report and indeed, it might actually rain today. if my knees start to get painful, youll definitely be seeing some cats and dogs. if you dont want to get wet and multiply, dont risk going out to quezon circle today.

and that’s the news for you at this hour. stay tuned for more news on studio 23 primetime. im benjamin padero.


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