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the escalator to the mrt wasnt working this afternoon. it’ s hard going up that because the escalator steps were not designed for climbing, theyre too high and far in-between steps. this caused a lot of passengers, myself included, to lose a few minutes of our precious time in getting to our destination. such are quibbles of a system left for dead, run by government officials who read their lines like bad actors in a play, they dont know they shouldnt be there in the first place.was able to take a small trip to UP this morning. it’s been a while since i took that leisurely journey to my alma mater on some ordinary day. to eat at rodic’s is pure bliss (despite the absence of baconsi on today’s menu). to walk through SC with friends is pure sensation.

slept in late this morning. i had to catch up on the zzz’s as im still virtually tired. now i need coffee to fire up my brain and get inspired again. perhaps ill hang out at glorietta later in the evening and browse through books, maybe even watch a movie. hopefully i can invite my friends in makati to join me for caffeine-induced conversations about life, the future and why shrek never runs out of earwax.


we did a pictorial at that new mall in C5, shooting isabel roces, ogie alcasid, and tina maristella for a series of ads. had our pictures taken with the miniscule kuya ogie, who was friendly enough to say hi to the construction workers watching the shoot on their lunchbreak. tina maristella simply looked amazing even at her age. our day started at around 3am and though the shoot packed up at 4pm it took us until 8pm to bring our things back to mandaluyong.

last weekend we were shooting maureen larrazabal for a liquor brand. it was kinda fun and kinda not. anyway, the last setup we did involved painting and constructing a whole set, including filling up a tub of water (tagal mapuno kasi ang laki ng tub). anyway, of all the sets we did, that last one was my favorite. maureen looked great in it and actually resembled one of my fav actresses, monica bellucci. and yes, we got our pictures taken with her again.


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