try to remember the time in september

it’s already middle of the month and i havent updated anything. my comp at home is having problems and i dont have time to do any major update. what-more, do an overhaul on my design template. so the easiest for me to go back to my trusty temporary blogger page until i get back home. would that be fine you?

im in mindanao right now, cagayan de oro to be exact. in a few days i might be enjoying the sun down south in zamboanga. by october id be in general santos. this is work, by the way, so dont get me wrong. i will get details later when gemini and i will meet.

ive been sleeping since i got here friday noontime. ive been so tired from work that all id want to do is shut out the world and drift in peaceful slumber. and yes, that’s what ive been doing. ill update you with the projects ive worked on. work’s been real swell, i love the feeling at the end of each shoot, yes, natapos din! that’s the greatest feeling ever. sometimes, the shooting in development is fun, like the recent one we worked on, with dyan castillejo, or a few months ago, with kc conception. there were other horrifying ones and really stressful projects. thank God i survived! 🙂

enough of that, im just killing time and using up my cousin’s internet card. anyway, when i get back home in manila or when i get to use some computer for the whole day ill probably give you a real design update. for now, you will have to contend with blogger 😀 ciao and God bless!


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