san francisco

im now in san francisco. agusan del sur, that is. decided to accompany gemini who’s out on research and a meeting at this side of mindanao. since i still had a meeting with father paolo tiangco in the morning, had to take the 2pm bus to butuan then another bus to san francisco at 7.30 before i met up with gem here at 9pm. it’s been a rather uneventful ride. it only got a little interesting when i took the deluxe bus to san fran (deluxe means no airconditioning).

it was already dark and you see houses on the side of the road, with their lights on from the inside. then you get a glimpse of the lives of the families who have gathered in their homes. to take a peek, you share in that moment of their lives, them oblivious of the fact that they are being watched.will soon find myself in zamboanga on october and then general santos in the middle of that month. ive a lot going on for me, hope i can save up and buy myself a videocam and pc notebook (a mac might be too expensive for me at this point).


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