siargao island and being fruitarians for a day

im now on siargao island, two hours off the coast of surigao del norte in mindanao. this is supposedly the surfing capital of the philippines. we’ve yet to see that. gemini and i got to surigao late wednesday night at 10. not knowing where to go we boarded the stationed jeepney that was ready to take off. we craned our necks for lodging houses we might spot on the way but we didnt find any that’d suit our taste or perhaps our budget (what budget? was dada!). finally the jeep ended its route at the pier, got off, and we interviewed the trike driver where good places to stay are located. we also asked on how to get to siargao island. we actually came to the right place coz we were on the pier! πŸ™‚ hehehe anyhu, found a good enough lodging house near the chicken ala cart lined road of that area. had a late dinner then off to bed.

early morning, we got up, got in the boat and by 7.30 we were in siargao island. still having no idea where to turn, we had breakfast at a nearby eatery and asked the lady cook for information on how to get to the beaches. so then, here we are. and what used to be a halfday side trip will now become an overnight stay on some resort.

gemini in surigao

gemini and i just finished washing the ukay2 items we bought so we’d have clothes and now we’ll be off to check out the surfing scene at cloud 9. asteg! πŸ™‚ talk about adventures and yeah, we decided to be fruitarians for a day (coz we might run out of money for the trip back). good luck to us! πŸ™‚

this is benjamin padero, reporting live from siargao island, surigao del norte, mindanao, philippines, world, universe, blah blah blah


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