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lechon galore!

ive been home for about 2 weeks now. and almost every week there will always be a lechon. why is that? 🙂 there always seems to be an abundance and craving for the roasted beast. crispy skin, soft meat, flavorful ribs, creamy brains and luscious legs. if this is heaven then im dead. from high-cholesterol probably.

when i get the pics from siargao scanned ill put them up here. but i havent had time to do that.

ill be in zamboanga next week. coolness! yesterday it was my parent’s anniv (30th) and we spiced up the place by buying a few more flowers than usual and bringing in some candles for the mood. there was wine, which didnt really kick up but we enjoyed it nonetheless. not to be left out was the lechon of course. to counter looming health issues i had a side dish of veggies and a handful of kinilaw (para naa pud fish hehehe).

bought a copy of gus van sant’s “elephant” and paul schrader’s “mishima” yesterday. got my copy of “no man’s land” (ive seen it years ago but always wanted my own copy) and “junk food,” another jap film on violence. was gonna get “ichi the killer” too but i thought ill settle for one violent film at this time. i finally saw “man on the train” two days ago and i liked it. bought the dvd months ago but never had the chance to see it. my dad saw “the princess and the warrior” ahead of me and he liked it. i also introduced him to lars von trier, among others, via nicole kidman’s “dogville.” seen bertollucci’s “the dreamers” and i liked that, it inspired me somehow to get on with my film, whatever that would be. got a few ideas but nothing concrete. im also excited to see if SOM would get off the ground in the summer.

off to cogon for ukay ukay perhaps. i might get myself a new backpack (take a pick, jansport or eastpack for around p350-450) or a pair of jeans. so far i have found any that i liked. might just go for that banana rep surplus at gaisano, which is expensive at 600. i have to look for alternatives. need a pair of shoes too. but with me running low on funds, i might just slippers instead at p150 (can be haggled to p130 i hope or less).

been eating the whole time ive been here. and it’s not very healthy, ive been having Coke again (the drink, silly) and lots of humba (which i have yet to develop resisting). sleep is no problem, im getting a lot of that here. the food’s just crazy. puto everywhere! yum! barbeque and chorizo from the streets. and of course the irresistible (at least for this guy who hasnt had any lechon for the last few months or so) lechon. i gotta go. ciao! maybe on friday there’ll be another of that roasted beast. drool.


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