lost in translation

i feel like im in some limbo, confused and anxious. restless nga diba? yesterday to save myself from boredom, i went out with my cuzins for some beers to drown out my sorrows. wow. drinking to forget problems? never really did that. yeah i drink but only to heighten cognitive processing and flavor discourses with inspired (spirited), enlightened visions and viewpoints. so anyway, the night air was cool and crisp, the atmosphere set with music by brit artists, and we spent most of the time lamenting on the state of our praise and worship bands. eh?

my relationship with the peoples on mindanao country is both comforting and alien at the same time. my existence here is temporary at best. i wouldnt want to explain, my migraine’s kicking up mainly due to the caramel chocolate cake we had at bigby’s this afternoon.

while cruising down the aisles of the ororama grocery area, cuzin maylin and i chanced upon hairdyes and i bought a packet of black dye to try on doing tattoos, pretty much like what youd do with henna. i then spent the better part of the late evening painting my left hand with t’boli inspired designs that ran from halfway up my fingers all the way down to a little below my wrist.

it’s just unfortunately that i only have one drawing hand. while my whole left hand is covered with ethnic patterns, my right is clean as a slate. talk about being bored. at least i was trying to be creative, using my body as canvas. maybe i should stretch my back on a frame and hang it up the wall. that might be too hannibalistic.


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