decided to make this all simple for this month, my life’s been too much of a rush and i havent been having the time to do anything much. at least i can easily update you with stories using a stress free template 🙂

and oh yeah, im running on times new roman, one of my least favorite type faces, mainly because we’ve been using it since windows came out and the romans at it since well, you get it.


ive been busy back at work, or have i told you that? the last time i wrote i think i was still in cagayan. been in manila since the beginning of february. when i got back at the office we already had a shoot for smart communications. just yesterday we finished this other pictorial with korean talents. nahurot akong korean english no! “ok, where you now? you in taxi? you go there stay aircon room. you this, you that, sit down read. you others extras like korean winter.” they understood me perfectly.

it was a lot of fun, and i got home early and with my weekend free, which is great. in this line of work, you dont get weekends free. you dont have an 9-6 clock in time like the rest of the labor workforce slaving in 4sq.m. blue grey cubicles like lab rats on observation. i work 21hour days for 7days with no assurance that i could watch movies because youre just gonna doze off anyway from fatigue.

but the work is interesting and fun, i get to go out in the sun, walk the streets of dvsoria or down the aisles of airconditioned malls, stay in the office for hours, or long hours in production studios during shoots. thus i remain.

but i have others plans still. i wanna study again, do a film, write a book, publish, produce, create, act, perform, etc. etc. and it seems my boss is open enough to let me do these things.

btw my boss’s company will now soon be a real company. we already got a name and pretty soon, maybe IDs! how exciting! hehehe and then we can now call ourselves a production house probably. astig.

enough about work.


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