letters to digital friends

here’s a YM chat record i sent to cuzin tootsie (bohomo) while she was offline:

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 05:45:45 +0800
From: “- 2tC -”
Subject: Re: ey
To: “Asante sana squash banana”

hehe..juker kaayo ka thir…unsa na balita karon? so back to katips naka? wrote:

You currently appear invisible to teptep.

paderewski: hoy mata na! im bored tutay. as in. been in cagayan since christmas. walay gakahitabo sa akong life diri. waiting for paolo tiangco to contact me regarding racket sa bukidnon. video docu. we have yet to talk again. he lost his phone man gud. no way to contact him. only by email. and he hasnt replied yet. meanwhile i lay wasted and restless. if by the end of the week he doesnt contact me ill borrow money and make my way back to manila where things happen.

paderewski: hay

paderewski: listening to accuradio classical music on the net. it’s comforting but the p20/hour rate here is insane. and im broke.

paderewski: i should just have written these down an email

paderewski: but i find this convenient

paderewski: im in dvsoria, to escape from blumentritt and rer. seeking solace in an internet cafe with badaircon but their headphone’s great

paderewski: the connection’s pretty fast, hence my fascination with radio on the net.

paderewski: wanna write and produce a film but ive no money to pull through with it. the irony of creativity and financial capability. sure you can come up with something with nothing. but my type of stuff just happens to grow only around papernotes from the central bank of the philippines

paderewski: i smell coffee. great, newly brewed coffee. i miss katipunan and my life in UP, full of hopes and dreams and the idea that everything’s possible and things do happen. things are not just happening to me here in cagayan. and im so friggin bored

paderewski: speak to me. wake up. wake up. hey. yo! oy! oy! btw, i bought a copy of bridget jones’s diary yesterday, to add to my collection of british comedy that i love (including a boy’s life)

paderewski: ill probably post this conversation again into an email so you wont miss any of my angst ridden moment in cyberspace. i do take comfort in the net, and my online friends. i miss all of them. and the bigger world out there, out of here.

paderewski: currently listening to an instrumental piece by, would you believe, elvis costello. and it’s pretty good. title’s “the identity parade” and it plays like a 60’s tv show

paderewski: been surfing through myspace this afternoon and hey, wait. gotta get off the net now. im running p40 on my tab and that’s already pretty scary, considering im broke. ive like less than p800 to last me till i get to my next racket. and if i were in manila, i wouldnt even have time to stay on the net. that

paderewski: that’s irony for you

paderewski: and im wealthy (supposedly) in manila

paderewski: taxi fare’s so way up, flagdown is p30 and so i spend p150 from the office to the house. that’s why ive resorted to commuting when i can or have the energy to do so.

paderewski: what can i do here in cagayan? any ideas? even the supposed atmosphere in may’s dos isnt doing any good. i might as well get some coffee and hang out at the capitol.

paderewski: hey, macarthur park’s getting shaped up by the government and it’s really amazing, theyre doing such a good job at beautifying the place. the capitol building is back with white paint, adn the little fishpond in teh front is unfenced, just like when we were kids

paderewski: theyve tiled up the pathways and planted new carabao grass all over. theyve even built cement picnic benches. might send pics soon

paderewski: gotta go, im running 2hours14mins here and i still have to buy tita an her vitamin c’s. i guess she caught the bug as i did. will stop over the dvd area and exchange the “love actually” we purchased yesterday because it was running on PAL system.

paderewski: alright, cheerio and see you soon!


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