googling with glee

“have you ever googled yourself?”

last sunday we quasi-celebrated jeh’s birthday dinner at congo grill. she was born on a leap year and thus doesnt have a real birthday every four years. it is a running joke on those born like her as to when theyd celebrate their birthdays every year.

company found lorybeth astarte jeh her friend francine (did i get that right?) ronnie and atty lyman manzano (the last name, for purposes of googling). we arrived late at timog and i missed most of the sinigang (paubos na when we got there) and im a sucker for sinigang.

after dinner we killed time at seattle’s best because it had wifi. thus the googling ang giggling. really, have you ever googled yourself? masturbation at its best, or worse depends on the outcum. you should try it, you might enjoy yourself 😉


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