the aviator

the aviator: flying friendlier skies
the wave of the future

watched aviator last monday when my boss dante and i found ourselves with time to waste in between meetings in makati. i was surprised by the film because i didnt really think id like it, but i did. leonardo’s performance was really good here, i never really liked him and although people have lauded his talent since he was a kid, i never was bowled over. in the aviator i felt he just upped himself and entered jack nicholson’s level of intensity. you cant get away with the boyish body that he possesses but his performance was engaging. at one point i even saw him get into tom cruise territory (tom in born on the fourth of july) –although i also dont really like tom cruise. actually he’s better than tom probably hehehe the only time i liked tom cruise were in born on the fourth of july and last samurai. ok you can add top gun to the list (we grew up watching that flick).

titanic was alright, though it was more kate winslet’s film (who, btw, didnt win for eternal sunshine, which is a bummer, my bet was on her on account that it was my favorite film). i liked leo better in baz lhurmann’s romeo and juliet, mainly because he was more fitting as the other half of two young star-crossed lovers there. but in aviator he surprisingly fitted howard hughes’ bearded look and age.

cate blanchett was a real thrill in the film. she was wonderful as katherine hepburn, her characer had the tendency to just be a copy of somebody famous except that cate filled her up with this feeling, breathing character who loved hughes despite everything else. i loved that scene at the door when hughes tells her he cant come out because he havent shaved. she retorts, “so have i.” and all throughout the scene we see all this history and pain and graciousness between these two ex-lovers. asteg talaga the film (spoken like a true cono hehehe).

scorsese could have won oscar for this film but maybe he’ll only get a lifetime achievement award (hopefully not posthumously). anyhu, there are still ray and constantine that i have to watch before they find themselves out of the theater. if i had the resources i could have just watched them on pirated dvds but my player’s conked out. that leaves me no choice but to dish out for greenbelt glorietta and galleria.


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