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getting excited of going back to roots

jhem and i had been talking about doing his full length video again, “blangko,” a horror-comedy. independent films are fun especially if youre doing it with friends. i miss the feel of indie productions where you chip in instead of getting paid, and the fact that your equipment is low standard because you cant afford the big keg lights. yet the film output is great because the concept has always that.

in the meantime we slave over the production of “agua de mayo” which is taking the toll on our health and our psychological state of minds. ive been plagued by wants to run off the boondocks of mindanao or the depths of the ocean. be a hermit up in the hills or bum around the family house in cagayan. nothing wrong wih the production, it’s just getting so stressful for me.

hay naku, buhay. in the meantime, here’s a pic of me with liza lorena. she is one of a kind, makulit, exremely thoughtful and very kind. we got to eat at her house while checking out her costumes. she sends forwarded messages and quotes once in a while.

ok, another pic. with charlene who’s remained beautiful and statuesque. during the shoot of lactacyd tvc and print-ads with aga muhlach (printad photographer raymond isaac)


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