my birthday approaches !

and it’s gonna be another year for me. Pan! im not ready to take another birthyear. im so much more comfortable with just being 25. in a week’s time, im gonna be turning 25 again. how many times have i done that?

the rain has started to seep through the kitchen floor. the last time it flooded inside the house my old leather shoes got soaked and tita tems had to dry it out behind the ice box. i put out the mop and left it by the door to catch the water. so far the floodwater is about 3 inches high from above the ground.

ive been trying to take it slow the past few days. it helps keep my sanity. last night some friends invited me to join them at saguijo’s. although i had work the next day i decided to join in the fun. the “i-love-you” store in the 2nd floor is still decked with curious items and fascinating finds. the dressing room still bears my mark. last valentines day i penned “Love is another four-letter word.” the other word starts with an f.

i miss sitting with friends in a bar and nursing a draft. or a horse for that matter. ive let go of drinking much and a bottle is fine with me. i prefer conversation of visions and grand ambition, it gets the blood boiling. mundane matters is fine as long as it is not laced with regrets. i have my issues to deal with, thank you.

Pan! j.m. barrie wrote about a boy who never grew up. one day the boy did. and he became a lawyer. his past caught up with him and he had to learn to fly again. what about the rest of us who is still trying to shake off the pixie dust yet are still enjoying the trips to neverland?

im gonna be 25 years again next week. wanna take a trip? to that first star to the right and straight up til morning.


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