rent !

mygas! ive waited for so long for this and finally it will happen. a movie version of the broadway hit RENT is currently nearing the end of shoot and will find its way to theaters by november. im so excited!


ive listened to it a hundred times and it always affects me. the message is timeless and universal. i wanted to try out (audition) for this but back then i was too shy (now im just shy hehehe) so i resorted to performing the whole thing mostly by myself in showers, while cooking or on roadtrips and just about anywhere.

cant wait! most of the original cast are in the film (anthony rapp, adam pascal, jesse l. martin, taye diggs, idina medzel, wilson jermaine herrera, –o memorize ko pa sila hahaha– and newbies rosario dawson and tracie something) and that’s like, some ulitmate trip. kinda like watching a new beatles movie with the resurrected beatles acting in it.

coolness! yeba!


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