my dad is sick, his prostate is enlarged and it’s cancerous. recently he had a colostomy done in cebu. at the very least he’s out of the catheter. now he’s scheduled for another operation by next week, to stop hormones from feeding into the prostate, thus hopefully reducing the enlargement and preparing it for radiation or whatever.

im rather hopeful, im always hopefully blind anyway. i dont think im gonna lose my dad, not yet. but we need all your prayers. the more God hears, the more he may decide in our favor. He is a merciful God, my faith in His will is great. thy will be done 😀 cheers to all.


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  1. ben says:

    thanks jon and ruph. dad’s out of the hospital now and happily resting at home. im glad as well to be here with him in mindanao and celebrate my bday with them all. cheers and will update soon. catch up on you guys next time. thanks again

  2. our dads have the same condition. hes been under medication for 3 years now, takot pa-opera eh. but it scared the wits out of me when i first heard his condition tapos andito ako sa malayo. iyak s office ang lolo mo.

    niwey, come this sunday ill join my dad again in our palawan tour:)

    super belated happy bday din:)

  3. thanks for sharing jegs. im curious how your dad’s health is faring now three years after being diagnosed. my dad’s prostate cant be removed because it has gotten too big to be operated on.

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