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how much of the philippines have you seen?

i love to travel. when i get the chance i go and take the bus, the boat, a broom, see the sight of unending greens, a blur of leaves, a neverending possibility of life unfolding before you. a life youve never had, a way of living youve never experience. a chance to be a part of things greater than yourself. taking a crap in dugout holes. bathing in the middle of the street. walking in complete darkness and being on the lookout for leeches. waking up to the beautiful view of lakes or the sea air in your face. drinking under moonlight in a shack out in siargao. internet on an island ! walking in your flipflops in venice. eating halal chicken in quiapo. washing your clothes in the river (ergo white water rafting). the world never fails to fascinate me. God’s gift to all.

have passport. will travel.

My Lakbayan grade is B-!
How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.


4 thoughts on “how much of the philippines have you seen?

  1. ben!!! wow new domain!! 😀

    great parehas ta B minus. haha!! advantage ng mga galing mindanao! hehe 🙂

    btw, eugene is a blockmate of mine in college. genius yan!

    so, asan ang transformers review?? hehe

  2. haha i was excited to get a b minus rating! true maayu nalang ning nabisita nato ang gingoog ug balingasag usahay para lang madugangan ang nabisitaan sa pilipinas hahaha

    transformers review to come. might watch it na pagbalik sa manela with carlo kay nanghangyo ang kagwang uban na daw mi tan-aw haha

    yey! new domain !! 😀

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