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official news i guess

it’s official and im gonna write about it.

was offered to work as PD for chito roño’s new horror film.  that got me scared shit.  direk chito is one of the industry’s biggest directors, and the most demanding.  i wouldnt know if i could handle the stress!  but i realized this would be the 3rd time a chito film offer passed through my hands.  ive been asked to work with him before (one film for london, another for something else).  feelings of inadequacy or just being plain terrified to be berated on set would have to be conquered. opportunity is not a lazy visitor (so says cinderella from “into the woods”).  so i accepted the project  🙂

i did survive our first day of shoot though. yey! shoot was just 1 scene, 4 shots, 1 location and featured assunta making her architectural and fengshui presentation.  1 down, 29 shooting days to go.

artdept staff on first day high: deans, carlo, ben, lola fer and jopay.

the Lord is my shepherd; though i cross through the shadows of the valley of death i will fear no evil.  after the movie i hope i wont be reduced to a sliver of a soul, an imprint of digital shit. haha.

one day at a time please ! yey


16 thoughts on “official news i guess

  1. pon says:

    wow chito rono! congrats make sure to meditate and exercise to lessen the stress hehe

    i cannot seem to access searched you and this wordpress site came up. y kaya?

  2. 2tay says:

    woooooooww! big time thir! i still can’t get over the fact that you are in imdb, nytime and the vh1 websites!!! my roomie/cousin is famous!! soo excited for you! when’s the urian?

  3. kumusta naman ang trabaho mo ngayon? oks pa ba? buhay ka pa? still alive & kicking ba? spartans never retreat. spartans never surrender. spartan ka ba? o beachwalk? islander? ah, alam ko na, baka havaianas?

  4. um, havanas? nope i used to be beachwalk. now im mixstar ! go mixstar, ang tsinelas pang matagalan ! ganda pa ng print, signpost at marijuana haha 😀

    work has been a challenge, it’s been nothing but meetings and waiting for fund to be released. do you expect to be ready for the next day’s shoot when you havent purchased your props yet because it’s already 8pm and no fund has been released? good luck diba? haha

    mabuhay ang pelikulang pilipino!

  5. Would love to have a hand in the set of a horror film. I envy you, yet I know your work is stressful. When Direk Mario delos Reyes was here in Davao, he told me he was thinking of working on a 3-story horror film with 2 other international directors. By the way, our fellow Mindanaoans who made it to the cinema world are my college bestfriend Dodge Ledesma (digital special effects specialty) and schoolmate Yam Laranas (suspense and horror director) among others. So keep up your good works, kabayan. 🙂

  6. thanks for dropping by jojie, nice to be acknowledged by a fellow kabayan 😀 there are very few mindanaoans who are insane enough to leave the comforts of home just to risk it out in the dog-eat-dog world of manila and beyond. rest assured i will return home perhaps licking my wounds but with my tail out and declaring i survived hehe mabuhay ang mindanaoan contingent ! haha

  7. post-it thought: hey would love to watch a movie shoot one of these days to see the behind the scenes. or maybe even be part of the crew (kahit taga plantsa ng costumes or something heheh) just to experience the process. but it would be nice to have lots of money so we can produce our own that boat trip movie through visayas and mindanao! hehe…hope you are well and doing great 🙂

  8. trueness. perhaps next time if the opportunity would arise ill get you in the set, just so you could put something new in your blog hehe the boat trip movie would be great. it’s basically a chit chat movie mixed with a travelogue thing showing the bisayan talent hehe cheers!

  9. Cyra says:

    Hey Ja, Congratulations! that’s great news. tell us when it’ll be shown. We were supposed to watch Kaleldo at SM North but it disappeared before we managed to have time. Sayang.

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