a bit of news

my cuzin ej’s wife jade just gave birth yesterday evening to a healthy baby boy. the name’s johann raphael. cuzin explains johann is another form for john, meaning a gift of God; and raphael, aside from being a ninja turtle, is also the name of one of God’s angels. i thought jade’s dad’s name, isagarde, would be used for the baby, something the couple teased themselves about. apparently i am told isagarde is a combination of the dad’s godparents or something.  by the time titatems and i got to the hospital, the nursery viewing time was over so i guess we have to wait for tomorrow to see my new nephew. yey!

bought a hard disk multi-media player after seeing cuzin ace with his. i was bowled over the fact that i can watch my movies on tv straight from out of the hard disk. that reduces waste because i need not burn them to dvds. yey! 🙂

watched fringe episode 11 this evening. this episode was great, and loved seeing olivia dunham in action movie mode hehehe the last ugly betty episode was also hot. interesting twist on the connor-molly storyline. and betty asking guest star bernadette peters to be her mentor.

watched the swedish vampire movie “let the right one in” and brad pitt’s “the curious case of benjamin button.”  benjamin button was great and should be viewed in the theater.  im too lazy to write a review about it so this may be all i have to say.  love the submarine scene though hehe and cate blanchet. the swedish vampire movie had a fantastic overall feel as it was eerie and surreal. the snow was itself a character and i loved that there were so few speaking lines. carlo and i also got to watch gus van sant’s milk. sean penn turned a magnificent performance here as did james franco and james brolin. as of this morning, sean penn, brolin and brad pitt are nominated for oscars to this movie. im thrilled heath ledger is also nominated for dark knight. hope he wins  🙂

finished watching the whole top design season 2, loved the works of winner nathan thomas (we’re fans). im inspired not only by his designs but also his style in clothes hahaha currently downloading stylista as well. reviews say the series is bad but i guess we’ll have to see that for ourselves 🙂  thank you bravo tv haha


3 thoughts on “a bit of news

  1. raphael also means, “god’s healer”; chose it because jade’s endometriosis (a common finding in women with infertility) was discovered during the first pre-natal ultrasound. such irony, noh?

    isagarde = isabel garcia desiderio, my father-in=law’s maternal grandmother.

    hey, nice new toy. i think i should get one and load it up with kiddie content soon.

  2. thanks for that 🙂 and hey, part of my animation dvd collection already went to lucas and laya (hercules, etc) but i didnt let go of personal favorites like lilo and stitch, the iron giant, finding nemo and ratataouille, which you can let your kid sit and watch 🙂 para mas masaya dagdagan mo nalang ng 80s favorites na silverhawks, thundercats, wuzzles, alvin and the chipmunks (series and the movie), and anime na jack and the beanstalk 🙂 hehehe

  3. Thank you benbendesarapen! I am glad you left a comment, kay then i can follow you back to your blog hehe. my internet is so slow pero i will really read your life as soon as i get some zing in this connection haha. just from what actually downloaded, i can see you are doing A-Okay. And da who si Carlo? Hahah I guess I shall find out. I’m happy for you ben! Mwah! Nytnyt!

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