catching up

we’ve been catching up on movies, especially those lined up for the awards season. here’s a list:

doubt. for one thing (and this goes without saying), meryll streep is a force to be reckoned with. her portrayal of sister aloysius beauvier is intense. really intense. this is really an actor’s movie, based on a broadway play that already won the tony’s and a pulitzer award. doubt picks up nominations at the oscars for streep, philip seymour hoffman, amy adams and viola davis (power siya). streep already picked up the GG and the SAG for actress.  let’s see if she edges off kate winslet at the oscars.

milk. fantastic. sean penn delivered one of his greatest performance as the gay activitist harvey milk.  it’s fascinating to watch nuances of his character, and we’ve known him from his previous turns in “i am sam” and “21 grams.”  needless to say his gayness was spot on haha  also impressive was james franco as penn’s lover.  im thrilled franco is getting really good work now and his acting is getting attention (he was nominated at the GG for support in pineapple express). both penn and james brolin is already up for the oscars in the lead and support actors race.  sean penn already won at the SAG so that puts him in the front-runner for the oscars with mickey rourke (who won the GG).

slumdog millionaire. MY. GAS. it’s hard to write about movies that get me all excited. just like with dark knight that took me days before i could write a decent enough review, this also got me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions i cant even rave well about it days after watching it.  fantastic direction, writing, performances of the actors, cinematography and prod design.  love it love it love it ! pinoys have ranted over at the yahoogroups on why we couldnt produce movies like this despite the fact that we are 80% slums. i dont even wanna go there. slumdog millionare is exceptional and people should watch it to be inspired and fall in love. winner ito.  aside from the GG, it also won in the PGA so sureness na ito sa oscar for best picture. kulang nalang danny boyle manalo din sa DGA para sure pa talaga hehe

the curious case of benjamin button. this movie spells out H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D. big studio flick. big stars. big budget on effects. big publicitiy campaign. and despite all this, the movie works. it does matter that the story has to be good and interesting, fascinating even. benjamin’s curious case is fascinating indeed and we are enthralled for 2.5 hours in the theater.  it’s a bit forrest gump though and we’ve experienced that kind of films before. there goes its chances at the oscars. nevertheless, cate blanchett has never looked so luminous before. she really really really is beautiful. brad pitt is quirky in his film choices and i admire how he shifts from big drama and action films to indie comedies and other small films.

haaz sleimanthe visitor.  cute ito. patrick jenkins, nominated for the oscar lead, plays a professor who normally keeps to himself.  his life is uneventful until he meets a couple who was tricked to rent out and stay in his new york apartment without him knowing about it. he befriends the gorgeous haaz sleiman who teaches him to loosen up by beating the drum.  jenkins then gets himself involved in the lives of these people and his normally quiet life is changed forever. parang foster child ang dating sa ending hehe. this indie movie is as “quiet” as the director’s previous film, station agent, but loud enough to pick up awards and nominations along its way. watch it  🙂

next up are the wrestler, the reader, cristina victoria barcelona, gran torino, bolt, etc


the oscar nominees are up and it’s guessing time again. it’s precious time for cuzin tootsie and i around this time as we bet on the winners and whoever gets the least correct buys a liter of coke. with the distance between us now, we no longer bully over soda but the tradition continues to this day.  will post my choices soon  🙂


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