boracay 2009



had a grand time at boracay. ive been to boracay before but it felt like it was my first time hahaha

at the airport we were bumped off from our flight to caticlan because of a canceled flight earlier in the morning. at the last minute we were given options to take the kalibo flight instead. the negative energy at the airport was too much, passengers screaming, people running to and fro. by a stroke of luck, we were given free round trip tickets for the inconvenience of all the hoopla 🙂 not so inconvenient anymore haha. onboard the new flight to kalibo, the cast of characters screaming were the same ones on my flight. sometimes, we do get to our destinations at the end of the day.

in bora, food was of abundance and i almost didnt have to pay anything. the italian resto (don vito) at the mandarin was superb and we particularly loved the laid-back feel of smoke and the maaliwalas-ness of lemoni cafe. we also headed to the talipapa and i got oysters (p25/kl x 4kilos).  id probably regret it for the rest of the summer if i didnt get myself some lobsters so i braved the p1,100 price to taste what it had to offer me.

the lodging was free as i bunked in with carlo and his team while they prepped up for smart buddy’s summer bash event at the summerplace 🙂   for what it’s worth, i only spent less than 4,000 (including a few pasalubong) for 4nights-4days stay in boracay (excluding airfare, which is almost practically free because of the travel vouchers they gave us).

ive been to boracay before but i didnt enjoy and appreciate it till now. the sands are in fact really great and the waters are crystal clear (in certain parts of the day hehehe). both a family beach and a party beach, boracay sizzles. and aside from the beach and sand, what makes boracay irresistible are the people who go here. party kung party. turista kung turista. there are pros and cons to this, take your sides.  however the case, enjoy bora as it is.  and as they say, what happens in bora, stays in bora. hahaha


here are some photos taken by carlo and me. i doubt if i can post all photos as there are lots of it. cheers and have a grand summer vacay too!


rock on!!!

click here to see the rest of the photos >>>


3 thoughts on “boracay 2009

    • overcooked ang lobsters, but at least i slept soundly that night 🙂 and my allergies didnt kick in so the vendors were true to their word. the lobsters and shrimps were fresh as can be 🙂

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