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that mineral water shoot

this we shot in november 2008. the shoot took place in zambales, on camara island. had to have custom-made pois done mainly because we followed a particular color scheme. logistics was tricky as the set guys had to ferry construction materials to the island to build those beach resort huts and bar πŸ™‚

took me also a long time to blog this because of issues, including being called out for reportedly posting photos before the tvc aired, which i pleaded innocent to because i didnt post any photos (i made mention about the project yes, but no photos, i wouldnt do that).

i was also criticized for my costumes, of which i only followed directive from the preprod meeting, so i was confused and frustrated when they looked for something a bit sexier for the girls. wish they could have told me sooner, i would have gotten the right ones the first time. end result did look great though, but i take it all with a grain of salt.

i guess im still a bit sore nobody cleared it out with me afterwards. i love my job and i work hard to get better at it and grow at a creative and professional level, granting im relatively new in the game. im open to criticism, just dont leave me out in the dark. im ranting obviously but ok, let it go benjamin! πŸ™‚ hehehe ewan. oh well, if you wanna talk you know where to find me.


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