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seforel tvc

this posting is long overdue. we did this ad for seforel october 2008. had a hard time finding an office that we wanted with the schedule that we needed to do the shoot. eventually we narrowed it down to two offices, including the revolver studios office. and i said, yes i can make something out of the lobby. so we did that. unfortunately, looks like it will also be the last time we’d shoot in the office too hehehe

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

yes, the office scene took all of only 6 seconds in the ad. the rest were of the ballet studio at halili. had fun shopping for the girl lead’s costumes. got most of her stuff from maldita. the ad also featured felipe flores, the guy who fell, as support talent. worked with him first in a hope cigarette commercial years ago. after this ad, we worked with him again on viva mineral water, which im posting about after this.

prod design by me. costume by carlo.  artdep includes lola fer osang and renz.  set by buboy crauz.  and the laptop she used in the office scene? that’s luna (her first appearance in an ad) hehehe cheers!


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