art & design, set design

let me siomai love for you

my first tvc with filmex for tekki shomen noodles by zesto. we had a really tight budget on this one because it was originally costed to be shot on location. and then they decided for a studio shoot. how do you stock up shelves and shelves of products so that you could make a believable convenience store?

good thing zesto owned more than just tekki shomen noodles! we got boxes and boxes of zesto and sunglo juices, orchard fresh juice, quickchow noodles, zesto sodas, one iced tea and even tita frita’s ketchup and beam toothpaste! i admire knowing how the company became what it is now. it even has its own airline (hello, zestair anyone?) ! fantastic! 🙂

here’s me with the art department (above: osang, deans, ate ruth; lolafer not in photo).  lolafer and deans did a wonderful job sourcing out the hotdog rotisserie, ice cream machine and slush machine. i worked on those mini posters overhead, including that “let me siomai love for you.”  a follow up of that would be “hopia love me too” kaso wala akong hopiang binebenta. haha  peg of course si 7-eleven, without being too 7-eleven about it.

and hey, this here is my 2nd tvc appearance! hahaha dont blink or you’ll miss me

nice surprise also that i got to work with richard ang, who i first met when lei introduced me to him on katipunan outside her condo. richard directs here, JA tadena is dop. im prod design with artdep lolafer, deans, osang, ate ruth and honorary artdep kuya roger. set construction by abrio. yey!


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