kampante ako

shot western union’s ad with new endorser cesar montano last january.

his costume was a bit tricky to work out. they said he was a size small and he normally wanted his costumes tighter so i should get XS. since we wanted it a bit loose, i got medium sizes. when we got to the fitting, he was a medium pala so mejo tama lang ang costumes niya, or tight even. anubers! anyhu it turned out well.

the set was also challenging. we constructed a western union outlet and found out later direk erik wanted it pala on the location beside where it stood then. and there was a post in front of it so we really had to reconstruct it. major challenge ito to transfer the set in 30minutes! good thing setman buboy was up for the job. in hind sight, that was fun actually hehe


tvc directed by erik matti. pd by me, wardrobe carlo, artdep lola fer, renz. set by buboy crauz.


3 thoughts on “kampante ako

  1. becky says:

    i met carmi martin when we had a presscon years back at PIA in cdo. i forgot na what was the issue and why we had her as our guest…but she’s indeed beautiful.

    wow cesar montano ako idol i hope to see him in person someday…
    mabuhay ang bol-anon mabuhay ang bisaya!

  2. mau, idol ko si cesar busa lingaw ko when i learned siya ang endorser hehehe

    si carmi pud was very nice and gwapa even at her age. pero si ina grabe kagwapa without makeup on. very natural, i should post her pics during the costume fitting, she was stunning.

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