i cant sleep

i probably had too much painkillers, now i cant sleep. it’s already 5am and ive been twisting and turning since midnight. first i was uncomfortable because my rashes sting and is painful. then i felt famished. i started munching on cupcakes and drank lots of water. i just pee’d a lot more. then i started reading archie comics and hoped to fall asleep but then my back started to sting again. eventually i went down and whipped up some oatmeal with milo and ate a bunch of grapes. by now it’s 5am and im really wide awake, with no hope of turning in a wink. i hope i just tire myself out soon and just fall asleep. in the meantime im staying off the painkillers for a bit, see if i can find peace and solitude.Β  help.

update: so i eventually conked out around 8am i think. turned out the painkiller’s side effect was headache, nausea and downright weakening of the spirit. and all the meds is making my stomach acidic ergo i had to keep eating all the time! i bailed out and thank God i did. now i only take OTC painkillers once at night to help me sleep comfortably. still a far way off before i can actually go to the mall and watch wolverine on iMax but it’ll come. πŸ™‚ cheers!


4 thoughts on “i cant sleep

    • oh. my sakit is posted man gud in multiply and fezbook πŸ™‚ i have shingles, ergo chickenpox the return. was also the reason i waasnt able to attend your grad party

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