art & design


im all up for a good design and a new invention. designer gabi crohn, featured on, makes do of some ordinary objects to create a new use for it. the lamp featured i like. the bulb is bare so you gotta cover it up with receipts, bills and notes to make a shade.

substitutes 03

Substitutes by Gabi Crohn 04

the hanger divider has a tendency to become messy, especially if you the clothes you put up with create a less than interesting collage.

Substitutes by Gabi Crohn 01

substitutes 02

this table murders books so i dont think ill get into that.  not willing to hang my good books on their spine like this. and if you hang books of lesser quality, it might make a different impression of you, so no no.


Substitutes by Gabi Crohn 06


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