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a single man

oh wow. A Single Man is tom ford’s first film and based on the trailer, this film looks delish! the production design of a 60s, erwin olaf-esque milieu is beautiful, it’s practically a dream. and you know i just love the 60s (see my set for butiki). julianne moore looks fabulous here and the first few images of colin firth is heartwrenching.  i wouldnt normally blog about a movie trailer but every shot was just gorgeous, i had to write about it.

colin firth probably is wearing glasses from tom ford’s 2009 eye collection 🙂

tom ford (designer for gucci and ysl) ventured into filmmaking and adapted the christopher isherwood novel about a gay college professor coping with the death of his partner.  the imagery sparks my interest and hails a movement in the early 2000s of films that played on mood and tone, i.e. mulholland drive, american beauty, etc.  julianne moore have played various characters set in the 60s but maybe she was born to be in the 60s which explains why she’s perfect for it.

noticed something here too.  take this screenshot of colin firth here:

and compare to erwin olaf’s photographs

ive used erwin olaf as an inspiration for a few of my set designs as well and im ecstatic over this surreal look on the film. love it !

what very little the trailer showed is fantastic and im excited watch the whole film.  ford won the queer golden lion award in this year’s venice international film festival; where brillante mendoza’s lola played and pepe diokno won lion of the future along with his film, engkwentro, winning in the orizzonti section.  colin firth also won best actor for this.

  • A Single Man is the story of George Falconer, a British college professor who is struggling to find meaning in his life after the death of his long-time partner, Jim . He is consoled by his closest friend Charley, a 48-year-old beauty, and is stalked by one of his students, Kenny.   Director : Tom Ford (designer de Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent)  Actors : Colin Firth , Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult.  The Coppa Volpi for “Best Actor” went to Colin Firth for his perform in this great movie !


3 thoughts on “a single man

  1. Heh, funny. I googled ‘Erwin Olaf A Single Man’ and you seem to be the only one writing about the striking similarity. Although I loooved the film, the style actually annoyed me a bit because it’s sooooo obvious that it was copied from Olaf’s ‘Grief’ series. I think Mr. Ford should have credited Erwin Olaf, because for the duration of the film it was like the characters were walking around in his photos.

    • hehehe thanks for commenting. i still havent seen the film up to now, the film hasnt been screened in this part of the world yet, and the DL versions are bogus. if indeed tom ford drew more than an inspiration from erwin olaf, he should be acknowledging him. and im surprised actually that im the only one writing about the resemblance to their works. hmmmm 🙂 interesting…

      update: there is one other article online from homo-neurotic that mentions a single man “looks like an intense stylistic mash-up between Mad Men and Erwin Olaf,” dated sept 22 (my blog entry is dated sept 16). haha cheers!

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