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cold onion rings, alice in gateway and a p300 masssage

yesterday we went to gateway for dinner and a movie. burgoo was a huge disappointment. tim burton’s alice in wonderland could have been more wonderful. i reckon it could have been lord of the rings-ish but the screenwriting didnt soar as much despite the multilayered original material. good thing the massage we had afterwards was beyond expectations 🙂 always welcome after days of shoot.

our search for food led us past the burgoo restaurant in gateway and we were enticed by a photo of its shrimp and rib platter. we also ordered soup and an appetizer. the food was cold, dry and utterly disappointing. wasting good food would be sacrilegious but this was not in any way good. and despite being very expensive, we ate about 40% only and left the rest behind. it was rather heartbreaking (heartbreakingly expensive!) and frustrating, and we didnt even have the energy to bring this up with the management. apparently there are other accounts by friends who’ve had the same experience with burgoo restaurants. how can management continue with this kind of service? and the waiter had disturbingly pink lipstick on. i had nightmares afterwards. carlo also writes about this experience in his blog.

with a heavy heart, we trudged to the cinemas on the top floor.  in a nutshell, depp’s performance was wonderful and i loved helena’s red queen. anne hathaway drowned in her plum lipstick and white hair. mia’s alice was a wonderful look, and the fashion was gorgeous. but the movie didnt have to be in 3d i think. tim burton is known to weave fantastic tales and paint gorgeous landscapes but when it was time to recreate an insane world and make it his home, this movie came as a letdown. the plot was too thin for such a crazy world. depp’s mad hatter was a surprise. beneath the layers of makeup and silk, he showed human emotion that transcended his character from being just a 2-dimensional cartoon to a living breathing creature. i miss the pink fur of disney’s cheshire cat but this version’s blue eyed wonder fascinates. this is this decade’s Hook and just like the spielberg pan, this confused and divided its audience.

after days of preparation and shoot, carlo and i sought to get a massage. after the movie, we headed for the one near his office in kamuning. an hour and a half later, we were renewed and ready to farm peas, white mellons and zombies again. love it ! cheers and have a good day.


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