pogi ate e.t.’s nose


we got home late tuesday night after meeting up with ninang may and tito ivo and we found e.t. on the floor in the sala. pogi (the sharpei) got e.t. out of bed from the 2nd floor and dragged him down. worse part is, e.t.’s nose was missing!

here was how he looked 20 years ago (photo lifted from ebay)

here is how he looked after the crime

ive had this stuffed alien for 20 years. despite the fact that he has become mangly, scratched up and ubberly grey, i loved this toy.  and i have him with me all the time!  i cant even begin to explain the horror of this catastrophe.  pogi has been grounded indefinitely.

here’s another earlier photo of happier times. oh, wait. johann was also attempting to swallow e.t.’s eyes. what is it with kids and stuffed aliens?


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