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respecting and paying tribute to this lenten season, i have decided to keep off facebook (and farmville) until Easter sunday. so far ive been successful today. the only sites open on my browser the whole day were gmail and wordpress. on account of a not so busy cyber-life, i was able to do a little organizing with my files, transferring some to my external HD and clearing up about 26gb of space on luna. yey! and i was also able to organize my closet haha tomorrow will be church time

ive been downloading mostly animated films the last few weeks. at lunchtime carlo, jhem and i gorged on carne norte with potatoes while watching disney’s hercules. the film is more mainstream than atlantis but it’s no less fun. but i still cant get over disney’s pocahontas. they released a 10th anniversary dvd of pocahontas 5 years ago and i only learned recently that they added the essential “if i never knew you” song in the movie.

ive always loved the music of pocahontas, partly because it reminded me of the dramatic score of bernstein and sondheim’s west side story. i was totally caught unaware by the new scene of the 10th year anniv version. i was already choked up by then and i was saying i didnt remember them singing in the theatrical version. but they continued singing so i ended up crying like a sissy. the last time i cried hard watching an animated feature was with the Iron Giant. that’s another story.

go watch the 10th anniv version of pocahontas, it’s the only version you should be watching.


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