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how to train your dragon

this post is way overdue. but the fact is, we loved this movie so much we had to watch it twice in the theaters. and who in their crazy minds would spend for P250 ($6) per head to see it on 3D digital screens (on its 1st weekend of release)? and watch it again on p350 ($7.86) iMax 3D the week after? we are.

i was smitten by the trailer featuring this dragon that resembles stitch from the disney movie. apparently, dragon’s director is the same dude who worked on stitch, ergo yes, uh-huh. the full length was funny and exciting, and featured the best sequences for 3D there is. i didnt appreciate 3D until i saw how to train your dragon.  not even avatar, UP or the 10 minute 3D sequenes of harry potter 6 gave this much respect to the technology.  they said avatar was made for 3D. i say, nope it wasnt. the experience would have been the same if i saw it in regular screens, and id have less of a headache wearing those glasses.

im not sure how the transfer to video will affect the power of its images. thankfully the story is hilarious and endearing enough to become a classic for dreamworks. not since shrek had they have a really good animated feature out. go toothless!


4 thoughts on “how to train your dragon

  1. poni says:

    interesting how toothless was like part reptile (scales), fish (tail), horse (run and sound), dog (eyes and movement), bat (wings)

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