power crisis

i strive to be a good person, i really do. ever since i moved to manila in 1995 to study here, my aunt has graciously shared her house and all amenities here. to a point where my parents could no longer send me my allowance regularly, my aunt has provided with my daily needs, including funding my college tuition until i graduated. so it is only logical that one way i could thank her is by sharing in the bills at home. ive covered groceries, including dog food, and the utilities (electricity, water, internet) and occasionally the phone landline bill too. so imagine my horror on learning meralco practically doubled its rates this summer. i first read about it on chuvaness and feared the worse. crazy this happens now when everybody would use their a/c’s to battle the insane heat. im sure there are ways to manage energy but this is just so unfair to be hit like this. our bill during summers do run up 3K ($67). this month’s billing was almost 6K. crazy! sometimes, your need to kill just kicks in.  meralco, you suck!


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