saturdays 100210

it’s been a very slow, quiet saturday. i opened my eyes and it was still raining this morning. perfect bed weather, i said to myself. and to fully appreciate this bed weather, i went right back to sleep. lovely

woke up again hours later. the sun was out but the day remained cool. pogi tried rousing me up and seeking a hug. i stayed in bed for another few hours before dragging myself downstairs because i was thinking i had to eat already. it was already 2pm. carlo is now reheating leftover from last night’s meal we shared with gian.

my sister forwarded the sound clip to amelie’s waltz from the film’s soundtrack. listening to the piano strains elicited images of parisian streets, wallpaper and garden gnomes, perfectly framing my day’s mood. falling autumn leaves would have sealed the deal but there are no trees in sight.

carlo’s finished reheating the food. will eat now. pogi is at my feet chewing on a piece of rawhide we got him yesterday. life is grand. cheers to you all and hope you have a great weekend 🙂


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