laundry therapy, musings

laundry therapy in session

doing the laundry now. ive always said that laundry to me is therapeutic. water, the sound of the machine, the order you go through your whites and coloreds, the cleansing process. like my pastor reading the books of psalms as a mantra, i go through my dirty linen seeking enlightenment and clean sheets at the end process.

i later learned im almost out of soap. that means ill have to limit my wash load today to 3-4 batches only. that covers my whites, my blacks and greys for shoot, jeans and underwear. im currently liking a grey scheme for my wardrobe. black is staple, but grey is my new blue.

carlo is making stewed roasted pork in vinegar and garlic (read: lechon paksiw). as hungry as i am, the smell of paksiw with my laundry is not good. i wouldnt want my v-necks smelling of leftover fiesta fare.  i should stop until the cooking is done.  enlightenment would have to wait.


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