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i like this new blog theme. i can post photos larger than 450 pixel-width sizes (the limit of my old blog theme) 🙂 that’s geekspeak for photos larger than 450 pixels wide  hehehe still confusing you? let me just show you. these are some photos of my tvc prod design works in the last year or so. the photos are 700 pixel-width! exciting! im such a geek

datu puti’s muhkasim festival

ufc’s tomato guisado. had to build a whole neighborhood street in studio

replicated pizza hut’s kitchen in the studio

lola techie channeling queen elizabeth in eq diapers’ shoot

that’s all the gold left in the kingdom.

i love this set. it’s my “amelie-in-balara” set for a meralco ad.

here’s another side of the room for the meralco ad. esp love the 70s lamp. the wall frames are tita tems’

the wood panel wall is an homage to my grandparents’ house in mindanao.  note their photo on the left. also tatems’ on the right.

felipe flores for viva mineralized water

modern chika for vicky morales’ living room

how’s this for a bedroom?

talk show set for tintin bersola-babao and anya’s eq diaper shoot.

evoking santorini in batangas

wake up to hundreds of balloons

candles galore for san marino tuna paella

romantic candle votives from SM and fake champagne. roses are from dangwa, of course

kitchen for another eq diaper shoot with vicky morales

dolfenal’s “bakit pa” mock film trailer shoot

a set-up of a room, which could very well be mine. those are all my books. and my sheets

onions have layers. my set for kremil-s

recreating tokyo tokyo restaurant in the studio, featuring the lovely AD christine blando

ufc banana ketchup. “bogart!”

deli shop for san marino


palagi nalang si pearl. shooting in caliraya river

kfc’s bucket of fries

sm-modern old house studio shoot

trudis liit before she was ubber famous. for ufc banana ketchup

alam mo na

basta ako, champion

ako din, champion.

benjamin padero


4 thoughts on “set design photos

    • hahaha i wish i could say i got really rich doing all these ads. nevertheless, TVCs pay better than film and it has afforded me to sometimes eat in more expensive restaurants than just jollibee, or when im busy i can have my clothes laundered per kilo instead of me doing it. money is fickle, sometimes you have it and sometimes you dont. haha

    • i say yes to designing a room in your future house. and you can choose whether to make it look like some shampoo commercial or an indie scene haha 😉 but we could always start with your room in your current apartment. how’s that?

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