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SRR XII: Punerarya

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0126.jpg

i know as a kid ive dreamt of doing a hollywood movie, or at least a star cinema one. but never in my wildest dream did i ever think id be doing a regal movie until it happened.  and i had to do a shake rattle and roll movie at that!

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0129.jpg

joann banaga has always been telling me ill never know my full capabilities until i try doing a regal movie. this may be some sort of rites of passage for filmmakers like myself.  my affiliation with the monteverdes was always with dondon, mother lily’s son, who owns reality entertainment (of which i did a shelved project with chito rono eons ago) and revolver studios, where i do most of my tv commercial work.  there became a running joke on the set that goes: “weh, filmmaker ka? nag-regal ka na ba?”

i always had apprehensions when regal comes to the picture but i couldnt pass off the opportunity to work with jerrold tarog for his first mainstream movie. we’ve done 2 indies so far (mangatyanan and senior year) and it’s always great fun working with him and his motley crew of a staff.  so i blocked off september and october of 2010 for this movie.

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0037.jpg
jerrold calling the shots from the bedroom

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0089.jpg
dop mackie galvez

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0104.jpg
me (still with braces), bianca balbuena assistant director, benjamin tolentino script con and sid lucero

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0020.jpg
carla abellana, cited for an acting nomination for her work here at the metro manila film festival

benjamin padero 20101013punerarya-0180.jpg
mercedes cabral sporting a preggie tummy on top of the film crew while bianca looks on

benjamin padero 20101013punerarya-0209.jpg
our awesome cast sid lucero, jess evardone, anna vicente, gaby dela merced and the lovely ms. odette khan

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0112.jpg
shooting inside the sapida residence, a real funeral home if there ever was one

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0067.jpg

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0056.jpg

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0036.jpg
pointing lasers with DOP mackie

benjamin padero 20101012punerarya-0034.jpg

working with regal means working with ms roselle and of course mother lily.  at one point i had to defend my set budget to her in front of alfie lorenzo, gabby concepcion and kuya germs! i keep saying, never in my wildest dreams! haha ive heard of crazy stories working with regal so i was expecting the worse. it turned out not bad at all.  despite everything else that went wrong, jerrold, mackie, bianca and i still had a blast shooting this movie.

jess evardone taking a break while me and jerrold contemplate on more important things other than the shoot.

benjamin padero 20101013punerarya-0222.jpg
this was the old rice mill at the back of the funeral parlor. i had to recreate this look in the studio so we could burn it.  this location has so much character, all we really had to do was shoot it!  🙂

benjamin padero 20100203untitled-0468.jpg
here’s the set (built by setman buboy crauz)


carla giving some love to pogiroo

benjamin padero 20101013punerarya-0221.jpg

the red door is critical to the film’s script. here’s me below going into the studio set. im holding a spray bottle inarbor from syrel lopez and used in mangatyanan, senior year, punerarya and with my recent PD work with brillante mendoza, prey.   this sweat props spray bottle is going places!

benjamin padero 20100203untitled-0488.jpg

when the MMFF ran its course, shake rattle and roll came up high with great reviews particularly for punerarya. people clamored for more of this 3rd segment and carla abellana even earned a nomination.  that’s more than great news for us.  goes to show that when your director has a vision, even the craziest mainstream script can elevate itself.  and yes, because of this movie, we are now certified filmmakers.

benjamin padero 20100203untitled-0513.jpg

almost last day shoot photo with most of the art department: L-R pink ballesteros, deans habal, sid lucero (still in makeup), jerico de leon, ramon recana, russel amis, bernand palanca (dropped by to cheer up buddy sid), and cherry fortes.

here’s the trailer to this movie:


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  2. Arjdalumat says:

    ‘Punerarya’ is totally one of the best SRR segments of all time. I’ve just seen it this week and I’m gonna be writing a review on it now together with other good SRR episodes such as SRR 2’s ‘Aswang’, SRR 8’s ‘Yaya’ and ‘LRT’, SRR 2K5’s ‘Lihim ng San Joaquin’, and SRR’s ‘Pridyider’. Hey, beautiful photos you’ve got there!

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