sleepless at 3.37am

drawer full of thread sleeping beauty would die of a heart attack.jpg
getting restless again. i can’t decipher the pattern of my anxiety attacks any more since it has become very random and unpredictable. i want to do something else besides prod design! i still find myself doing it though only because it’s my default day job. talk about career longevity, i wonder how them guys go 20-30 years doing the same thing over and over? heaven help me


3 thoughts on “sleepless at 3.37am

  1. i had my share of attacks the year before. I’ve just resigned and back to pinas. I’ll be with Gawad Kalinga and will be based in bacolod for good, until God leads me some place else. I pray you’ll find what you’re looking for as well.

    • wow joni, you got some balls and i applaud you. Not many people are brave enough to do what you just did. Thanks for sharing. I do hope il find soon enough what im supposed to do next in my life 🙂 Godbless! And i hope to see you soon!

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