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wash cycle


ive mentioned before that im currently going through high stress in relation to my work. about the same time last year i was also dealing with anxiety and questioning why i still allowed myself all this stress. i used to enjoy the work, the stress accompanying it was healthy and pushed me to do better. nowadays anxiety prior to a shoot just eats me up. it has become taxing to my health and my sanity. what happened?

im thankful though for the focus the cafe we’ve put up has given me. i can channel all my stress to positive physical tension in waiting on our customers. it’s been fun actually but more about that later.

hopefully the shoot-related stress wash cycle will be over soon so i can move on. still got a few more shoot projects up my sleeve to accomplish before i run off to mindanao. i have to pull myself out of this rut im in.  time for more dirty laundry to do.


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