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bongga villa

benjamin padero 20110309tuloy-0647.jpg

this was my first time to work with pokwang and she was very nice, even ordered lechon all the way from cebu (sabrosa) for the staff and crew. the costumes were care of ien beltran, a stylist friend who worked with us in brillante mendoza’s up coming movie, prey.  in saying this, im glad i only had to do props and set here because we only had about 2 days to prepare.  doing the costumes with everything else would have been crazy so im glad they got ien to handle all of costuming.  jeorge agcaoili was directing and so i had the privilege to work with him and the fun people at provil again.

benjamin padero 20110309tuloy-0672

originally the director’s board featured a dark banquet hall and we decided to push the style a bit. i pulled inspiration from black swan’s production design.  i liked the woods backdrop in the dance hall and the modern design in the ballet director’s house (not pictured here– i dont normally put everything out in the pegs presentation because sometimes it doesnt work, and when it does it becomes a pleasant surprise)


wanted black, white and glass in the design with elements of twigs and small flowers.


however, we were later on informed that client wanted french or victorian so we had to drop black swan and went for something traditional.  although i loved my original design, i had to go with the higher echelons so i compromised and gave them this new set of pegs.

proj tuloy.012.jpeg

proj tuloy.011.jpeg

we eventually went on to shoot at the national museum, which was gorgeous!  it of course helped that the museum lobby already was designed with corinthian columns and beautiful relief so all i brought in were chandeliers and wall sconces, and installed victorian paintings and draperies to complete the design.

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0814.jpg

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0809.jpg

we still injected a bit of the twigs we liked in the black swan set though. silver candlestick holders, silver brocade table runners and all that jazz made for a beautifully set table.  art directing this spread is carlo tabije, who did an amazing job martha stewart would be proud!

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0783.jpg

the neo-classical building is in a major state of repair and renovation and im so glad they are doing that. we have so much beautiful architecture in the philippines but government does not think highly of these old buildings so they are left to rot and decay.  i am genuinely thrilled for work being done on buildings like the luneta hotel and this national museum structure. this building used to house the senate.

benjamin padero 20110309tuloy-0624.jpg

on the 3rd floor, we came into this room, still under repair.  apparently in previous years they installed a concrete floor that separated this 3rd and 4th levels, thereby cutting the old senate hall into two. que horror!  now, they’ve removed the stupid floor and restoring it to its former glory. when i came in, i could not help but weep at how beautiful this space was. the philippine art nouveau relief work here was absolutely gorgeous.

benjamin padero 20110309tuloy-0686.jpg

benjamin padero 20110309tuloy-0678

we also constructed a humongous gate on the plaza of luneta park. we couldnt afford the time traveling to another location in laguna just to shoot this entrance so we constructed the gate near the national museum practically overnight.  and with additional CG elements in post work, this gate looked amazing.

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0733.jpg

when pokwang finished her scenes, we later found out we might need to shoot the dress on a few additional scenes. so we got our artdep staff, kitch, to wear the dress. of course we had to do a pictorial!

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0854.jpg

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0861.jpg

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0871.jpg

here’s the tv ad

benjamin padero 20110309tuloy-0657.jpg

benjamin padero 20110311tuloy-0833.jpg


3 thoughts on “bongga villa

    • haha we had two days of prep before we started day 1 of shoot. i asked the table scene to be shot on day 2 because it had more elements to prep and i needed that extra day to complete my requirements 🙂 included na in the days of prep ang paapprove ng props and table cloths and all that jazz. that’s why i never get projects that overlap each other. other PDs do that pero di ko like ang added stress 🙂

    • thanks for liking the PD posts, ponski 🙂 just trying to get people to appreciate another aspect of production, aside from direction, photography and cast performance 🙂

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