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random saturday morning

Kumusta naman. Weather is crazy in manila right now, dampening the long weekend plans of the general populace. I dont get to enjoy long weekends as a freelancer because every day without work is a long unending weekend. On top of that, im sick so am unable to move around. Runny nose and sore throat, im sensitive with indoor humidity, flying dog hair, dust bunnies and the storm definitely isnt helping. I want to clean the house for obvious reasons but i cant tire myself out.

I need a couch. Sitting on the bed watching movies from a laptop computer just doesnt cut it. And it puts me to sleep fast, even if im watching something exciting like top chef or daniel craig coming out of the water.

Luna, my late 2008 macbook pro is currently sluggish. im only running at 3gb of ram but i dont believe that explains why over the past year it has become increasingly slow to process some stuff. It’s old by Steve Jobs’s standard. Online forums indicate my HDD probably needs replacement. Ive only upgraded to snow leopard at the beginning of the year but i dont believe i should move to Lion because of the speed issue. I love this machine, esp its design over the unibody. My matte 15″ screen wins over the glossy glass surface any day. I dont think im open to replacing this yet so i hope it’s just the HDD.

My plans for the 2nd half of the year has not come to fruition, nor is it likely to happen. Im not gonna tell you what it is, just that it wont be happening for now. I do pray 2012 would be kinder. It should, especially since it’s the end of the world and we all have to move to China!

Random as random can be, thoughts trickle past when you’re idle. And nowadays, you process these thoughts by tweeting about it, posting on facebook or writing a blog. I decided to blog. Enjoy your long weekend.


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