galileo golez padero (1945-2012). my dad

i just learned i was not able to post this piece i wrote when my father passed away. it was left in my drafts folder so despite the old news about my father funeral wake, im posting this today to share my thanks to everyone who sympathized with us in those trying times.


a parent’s departure is indeed a life-changing event.

my dad passed away at 5.26pm on the 23rd of august, 2012. with his indefatigable spirit he survived a brain tumor operation and crusaded through the challenges of prostate cancer. he was diagnosed at a stage iv state in 2007 so all this time, it’s been with all the pain, discomfort and suffering he endured, the family is relieved that he is with the Lord now.

in behalf of my family, i want to thank all who’ve prayed with us and sent us their love. there is nothing more comforting than knowing you always have family and friends to turn to in times like this. i continue to praise the Lord for his mercy and generosity in giving my father so many opportunities to live, love and enjoy time with the family, all the way to his last weekend at home. all thanks and praise to you Lord. you’re most awesome, Lord, way makalupig. amen!

My apologies to all if i wont be able to answer calls and respond to texts immediately. i have to attend to grown-up duties like death certificates and funeral homes. Karon ra nako nafeel nga… 28 years old na diay ko.

My dad’s remains are at the cosmopolitan funeral homes (padua chapel) in capistrano st, cagayan de oro. Funeral is scheduled at 9am in greenhills memorial park on the 27th of august, same day as the city’s grand fiesta celebration. My dad always loved the fiesta parade so we’re joining in line right after the drum and bugle corps and the public school baton twirlers. And of course im kidding re the parade. My dad did have a sense of humor anyway.

to papayong i miss you and i love you. till we meet again. smile, payong. mwah

Godbless y’all


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