on the shelf 1

20121201-014627.jpgthis book is very easy to read and i would have finished it earlier except that i always lack for time. jhem gave me STUCK RUBBER BABY as a gift but it’s not exactly light reading so im trying to finish guy delisle’s BURMA CHRONICLES first (enjoyed his PYONGYANG tales so i picked this book up at the recent comic con).

as ive deactivated my facebook today, i do hope to read more books and graphic novels and watch more movies. i know a lot of my time is spent online because of facebook and the other social networks so bear with me while i switch things up and attempt to blog more instead haha). let’s see where this goes, this crazy, inspired leap to facebook freedom. i pray i also get motivated to go back to drawing and maybe write a script. cheers and “hoppy” holidays 😉


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