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LUCY (2014)


i saw the trailer a few weeks back and i was excited for this. i totally forgot this was by luc besson when i went to watch LUCY this afternoon with my mother. i was a major fan of the professional and the rather quirky fifth element with corbin dallas multi-pass. the concept of maximizing human potential was interesting but i felt its writing in LUCY could have been more thorough and more fleshed out. the visuals were interesting enough but kubrick did a much more spectaular job in 2001: a space odyssey. having said that, scarlett was perfect for the role, with her raspy alto voice, and morgan freeman, for always being there when you need him. as i said, i forgot luc besson directed this film and while watching the movie, i kept saying, this feels like something luc besson would do. the pace, the damsel in distress, the empowered female, the basic feel of the movie, the french police and the car chase through paris, the musical score (by longtime collaborator eric serra), even a korean version of gary oldman. btw, included in a montage is a snipet from the philippines of our cebu prisoners dancing. and maybe another scene that involved delivering a baby (could also be any southeast asian country though). 3.5/5


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