this year, carlo and i had only planned to go to batanes for our annual vacacion. that changed with an impromptu decision to celebrate my birthday in hong kong disneyland once i turn 38 in june instead of the usual pilgrimage to cagayan de oro. little did we know we would also make it to macao, china in march for an awards show…


and then kuala lumpur, malaysia for a film workshop.


but maybe the biggest thing that happened to us this year was a chance to fly to europe right after hong kong so we could attend the international premiere of a film, kapatiran, we worked on with director pepe diokno and producer bianca balbuena.

so hongkong happened.


and karlovy vary, in the czech republic, happened.


and dubrovnik, croatia, happened.


and budapest, hungary, happened.


and prague, czech republic, happened.


and i have tons of pictures i dont know where to start. bear with me. jetlag. excitement. need for sleep. all that jazz. everything needs to be processed emotionally and photographically.

love traveling. thankfully that has been satiated. but carlo and i still have 2 more trips to go this year. ohmy. soo excited!




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