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evading the paparazzi

 photo kviff_plakat_tiskovka_02.jpg

had a grand time in karlovy vary celebrating its 51st international film festival and especially because our film was part of the festival. aside from kapatiran (brotherhood), lav diaz’s 8-hour opus, hele sa hiwagang hapis, and brillante mendoza’s cannes entry, ma’rosa (which won jaclyn jose her biggest international acting award), were also screened in karlovy vary.

but more than anything, i particularly love the paparazzi theme of the festival. and with that, we staged our own.

 photo BENPADERO-4729.jpg

producer, bianca balbuena

 photo BENPADERO-4733.jpg

production designer, benjamin padero

 photo BENPADERO-4743.jpg

production designer, carlo tabije

 photo BENPADERO-4750.jpg

director, pepe diokno

 photo BENPADERO-4758.jpg

director, pepe diokno, and associate producer, royd santiago

 photo BENPADERO-4764.jpg

production designers, benjamin padero and carlo tabije

 photo BEN-PADERO-20160415-IMG_4878.jpg

thug life editor, benjamin tolentino


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