back in january, i suddenly had a crazy urge to celebrate my 38th birthday in hong kong disneyland. yes, disneyland. im not embarrassed to say i grew up with disney animated classics and the fondness continues to this day. ive been to hk disneyland before in 2004 but still. this time, it would be my name day. and this time i got to celebrate it with my mom, sisters, and carlo. wohoo!


wakey-wakey, it’s disneyland day!



no lechon this year! my birthday lunch was burger, fries, and fried chicken!

got a little bit emotional posing with this stand-alone dumbo. i remember my dad’s photos of disneyland in the US from the 80s and there was a photo of the dumbo ride in that album. and the postcards he sent us from disneyland said he promised to bring us 3 kids to disneyland. ayun. ok lang, payong. sabi nga ni phil collins sa tarzan, you’ll be in my heart always.


baby mine, don’t you cry…

we had a fun time in disneyland. first and foremost, im glad to be able to bring my mom around and see the temples in angkor wat two years ago and cinderella’s castle this year. the things my dad and mom couldnt do early in their lives because we needed to be reared in a comfortable house and educated in good schools. this is my way of giving back. travel. relax. enjoy each other’s company. i do admit this trip was too short. so we might have to plan another trip soon. char.


more photos in my sister’s fb album. happy birthday to me.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.41.24 AM.png



wanderlust: hong kong disneyland


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